From: $90

  • Meet the Elephants - Interaction¬† including transfer $90
  • Meet the Elephants - Interaction¬† self drive $75
  • Jetboat & Elephant Interaction $160 plus $10 park fees
  • Breakfast or High Tea with Elephants $125
  • Art of Africa Experience - $160


Jetboat & Elephant Interaction
Your jetboat trip departs upstream of Victoria Falls from The David Livingstone Safari Lodge & Spa, your destination for your interaction, the Elephant Cafe. En route you will have the opportunity to view game as you travel through the National Parks in Zimbabwe on one side and the Zambian park on the other. Several rapids on the way up (depending on river conditions) and shallow basalt rock channels (to avoid hippos and crocodiles) need to be negotiated. The jetboat safari is approximately 30 minutes each way and on arrival you will be met by members of a magnificent herd of rescue elephants. Experience an unforgettable encounter with these gentle giants with a hosted informative viewing of the herd before your return ride downstream on the jetboat.

Meet the Elephants - Interaction
This experience is similar to the Jetboat and Elephant Interaction, but without the jetboat ride. (Transfers are by road.)

Art of Africa Experience
Let your creativity flow! A unique Wildlife Art experience using a brush and canvas to create your memory of Africa! A creative workshop on the banks of the Zambezi River with members of a magnificent herd of rescue elephants as your muse.

Breakfast with Elephants
You will have the an opportunity to interact with a herd of gentle giants whilst enjoying a delicious Full English Breakfast out in the bush, prepared by Chefs over a fire. You can expect a few naughty elephant trunks to steal pieces of fruit from the breakfast table, but of course, sharing is caring.