From: $20

Explore the Falls and the Bridge – includes entrance fee


The Victoria Falls National Park opens daily from 6am until 6pm
If you have your passport, you may cross the bridge that spans the Zambian and Zimbabwean border posts. As long as you don’t actually enter Zimbabwe you won’t need to have your passport stamped, just let the officials know that you are only going onto the bridge. From here you can watch people bungee jump, or even see some of the rafting companies negotiate rapid number 1.
We run a free daily shuttle TO the Victoria Falls that leaves at approximately 10h00 am.
Taxis are readily available for whenever you want to return.

Lunar rainbow at the Falls (pic: Stephen Robinson)
The Falls may be open for viewing in the evenings when the moon is full, giving you the chance to see a ‘lunar rainbow’. Check at reception for details.