If you require a visa for Zambia, please consider these options:  (See Country list below)
a. SINGLE ENTRY VISA: Suitable if you only intend to enter Zambia once on arrival.
b. DOUBLE ENTRY VISA: Suitable if you intend to enter Zambia on arrival, depart and re-enter the country a second time. Good choice if you wish to make an overnight Safari to Chobe in Botswana.
c. MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA: Suitable if you intend to enter Zambia on arrival and then depart and re-enter on several occasions. Good choice if you wish to go on an overnight Safari to Chobe in Botswana and go to Zimbabwe.
d. KAZA VISA: This may be a good choice for anyone who requires a visa for Zambia, but who is allowed to obtain the visa on arrival. The Kaza Visa allows you to travel between Zimbabwe and Zambia for 30 days and make a day trip to Botswana. (Info attached.) If you spend a night in Botswana, this visa becomes invalid and you will have to buy a new visa to re-enter Zambia. If you plan to obtain this visa, please also check your visa requirements for Zimbabwe (ie: whether you are a National of a country that is allowed to apply for a visa for Zimbabwe on arrival). Visit:

Disclaimer: Although we, at Fawlty Towers, do our best to keep our guests informed about the latest travel information, we cannot be held responsible for your travel requirements/documents. If you have any concerns, please visit the appropriate websites for further details.

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1. VISAS:    See here for countries requiring visa for Botswana
2. MINORS (UNDER 18): See info here.  In the case of minors travelling with a school or any other institution, the minor must travel with a certified copy of the original of the following documents:    Unabridged birth certificate indicating the child’s parents; Passport or valid Identification of the parents that can be cross-check;  Child must travel with his/her original passport
3. YELLOW FEVER certification is not needed for Botswana unless coming from one of these countries