Victoria Falls

The world’s greatest curtain of falling water is located on the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe on the Zambezi River.

Locally the Falls are known as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” meaning the smoke that thunders.

Victoria Falls has a width of 1.7km and 546 million cubic meters of water plummeting down for 100m into the Gorge below it.

The paved walkway along the Falls enters into a rain forest opening up at a few good vantage points to view the magnificent beauty of the Falls.

If you catch the sunlight just right you may be lucky enough to see two or even three beautiful rainbows in close proximity of each other through the mist. A truly spectacular sight!

It is best to view the Falls at different times of the year as the different conditions create different experiences.

December to May is the wet season in Livingstone.

During this time the Falls are at their highest and the mist of the Falls can reach a height of over 400 m and can be seen from 30 km away.

Walking close to the edge of the Falls, you will experience spray shooting upward. The best place to experience this in when crossing the Knife-edge bridge. During the wet season the bottom of the Gorge cannot be seen and some parts of the Falls will also be hidden by the spray.

The Lunar Rainbow can be seen during the wet season when there is a full moon.

When you visit the Falls during this time the spray of the Falls will feel like a rain shower, so be sure to cover anything you don’t want to get wet.  There are raincoats for hire at the entrance.

September until November is the low water season.
During this time there is a clear view of the Falls and the Gorge underneath.

You will be able to take a walk on the Falls were some of the rocks are exposed and it is safe to walk through the river.

Sometimes the water is low enough to even walk all the way across to Livingstone Island, the place where David Livingstone had his first glimpse of the Falls.

This is surely one of the most magnificent views in the area.

The best lookout point is on the Knife-edge bridge were you will have a clear view of the Main Falls as well as the Boiling Pot where the river turns and heads down to the Batoka Gorge.


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When the water is low, you can take a walking tour along the lip of the Falls to Devils Pool for a tremendous view of the river from the river side!

The Victoria Falls Bridge links Zambia and Zimbabwe. Construction on the bridge was completed in 1905. It spans 198 m in length and is 128 m in height.

If you are brave enough you can prove your courage on the 111m bungi jump from the bridge. The 360 degree view on the bridge enables you to appreciate the magnificent beauty of the Gorge and the Falls. To get onto the Victoria Falls Bridge you can get a free bridge pass at the Zambian border post.

The Mukuni Victoria Falls Craft Market located in the parking area of the Victoria Falls, offers a wide range of locally made crafts.

You’ll find a wide range of carvings from green malachite, animal figures carved from wood, spoons, masks, jewellery boxes, walking sticks, bangles and much more.

Vendors may be willing to negotiate a good price for their craft. People are sometimes willing to trade crafts for things like t-shirts, shoes or anything that is hard to find or expensive in Zambia.


The Victoria Falls Field Museum is located alongside the parking area of the Falls where most of the walking trails begin. This museum was constructed on a real excavation site where evidence of early human habitation dating back as far as 205 million years, were discovered. The museum also gives geological information about the formation of the Falls.

Fawlty Towers offers transfers daily at 10am to the Victoria Falls. There are plenty of taxis and minibuses at the Falls entrance for your return journey.