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Livingstone is rated as one of the two best adventure destinations in the world
(the other is Queenstown NZ).

Our funky little town close to Victoria Falls, is a happening mix of African customs and costume, old colonial architecture, derelict railway sheds, cafes, bizarre characters, and markets selling curios for tourists or markets selling second hand  clothing from all over the world for the locals.

The town is noisy, hot, intriguing, welcoming, pretty, crazy, fast (taxis), slow (everything else).

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The people will welcome you with genuine hospitality, won’t try hard to sell you stuff you don’t want and will happily chat for hours about local and world affairs.

The surrounding country side is stunning and there’s a smorgasbord of adventures we can book for you.


In Livingstone town you can find a quiant little Railway museum, The Livingstone Museum and a Reptile Park with an 80 year old kick ass croc catcher.

There are quiet suburbs where you can stroll under Flamboyant and Jacaranda trees or noisy night clubs where the locals will welcome you to dance the night away.

Livingstone offers a real travel experience.

Many find it hard to leave.

So come visit, do a crazy activity, raft the worlds best white water, ride an elephant, swim on the edge of the falls, jump off a sheer cliff attached to a climbing rope, or just chill for hours by the pool and get a tan (lots of people do that).


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